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5 Things to Consider when Choosing an NDIS Provider

Choosing the right NDIS provider is a crucial decision needed to be made after getting the NDIS plan. Service providers have the role of supporter to the plan holder. They make sure that participants get to live the best life and achieve their goals.

With several NDIS service providers offering their assistance, this task may be a bit difficult. Here are the top 5 things to consider in selecting the right NDIS provider.

1. What type of support can the NDIS Provider provide?

Before anything else, one must clearly understand the goals and support needed to achieve this. In this way, it will be easy to determine the right questions to ask potential service providers. Their support must address the participant’s needs and help reach his goals.

Not all providers specialise in disability services for adults and children, including families and carers. Some of them only provide specific types of support.

The services needed depend on the participant’s type of disability and level of mobility. Here are some examples:

  • Meal preparation
  • House cleaning
  • Levels of self-care
  • Advanced options such as sensory gym, music therapy, and garden maintenance

The participant can choose one provider for all types of support needed or pick one provider for each. In any case, he must be confident that the chosen providers fully understand his needs.

  • There should also always be a Service Agreement in place for each chosen provider. It must be easy to comprehend and clearly states the following:
  • What support will be given, their cost, and their mode of payment

The specific terms and conditions agreed upon

2. Does the NDIS Provider have adequate qualification and experience? 

Getting an NDIS plan is a big step for everybody. Get a service provider that possesses vast information on NDIS and can be responsive to inquiries.  With this, their qualifications and experience must have a huge bearing on the selection process.

They must have intervention strategies based on research and clinical evidence. As a result, highly qualified NDIS providers are aware of how to support people with disabilities to lead independent lives.

Aside from asking them directly, doing a bit of research will also be helpful. NDIS providers must first register with the NDIS Commission before rendering their services. They should also remain compliant with the NDIS Practice Standards. A database of registered providers is available online on the NDIS website.

It’s also best to seek advice from family and friends who have had experience with a potential provider. If in case the participant decides to push his luck with a non-NDIS registered provider, they must offer an adequate level of quality and safeguards.

3. Is the NDIS Provider always available and easily accessible? 

Consider the provider’s location and if it’s easy to go to their office for meetings. This may be a significant factor for those who are situated in rural areas or smaller towns. Ask beforehand if they’re accepting new clients. If not, ask how long the waiting time is before they can offer their services to you.

They should also be flexible in serving their clients. They must give support at a place and time that is most convenient for the participant. Give additional points to those willing to accommodate changes in schedule or make minor adjustments to support needs.

Try to check if they give their clients the option to choose the staff to be assigned to them. Having control over the individuals that will render services may help a participant feel more comfortable.

4. Does the NDIS provider have a good work ethic?

There are essential features a provider must possess to ensure that they positively impact their clients.

  • They must be family-centred. The NDIS provider will build on the participant’s family’s strengths to develop strong support networks. They should be friendly with the participant and his family to help achieve goals with the utmost patience.
  • They must focus on everyday life. The right provider must help the participant perform everyday tasks at home, community, school, or workplace. They must be able to understand a participant’s daily needs and assist them to do these tasks confidently.
  • They must be inclusive. The NDIS provider must acknowledge that everyone has the right to live an independent life and participate in community life.

People with disabilities should have the same experiences and opportunities as other people. They should be able to socialise and be part of the community normally.

  • They must believe in the value of teamwork instead of working on their own. The right service provider will have no issues in working with the participant’s family as a team.
  • They should be willing to impart skills, knowledge, and information to the participant and his family. Working together as a team will help address the needs of the participant adequately.
  • They must be culturally sensitive. The NDIS provider should accommodate everyone regardless of their language, cultural or religious background. In addition, they must be knowledgeable about and respect diversity.
  • They must be focused on outcomes. A trusted service provider must be aware of the participant and his family’s goals. In this way, they will be able to create a strategic framework of how their services can benefit their client.

A good NDIS provider aims to improve daily life, not special skills. In other words, they must support independence and boost social skills to nurture a sense of belonging in the community.

5. Will the cost of the service fit into the budget? 

Unfortunately, the cost of service is also an important consideration. Therefore, the ideal provider should match the participant’s financial requirements.

This is quite tricky since the cost must be weight against the services offered. The pricier NDIS providers can offer a bigger range of services that can address the participant’s needs.

Do you need a Melbourne-based NDIS provider?

The NDIS aims to help as many qualified participants as possible. If you’re currently looking for a provider in Melbourne, Elevate Support Care is here for you. We have the right qualification and experience and perform our job with the utmost dedication. Call us today at 1300266027


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