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Trusted NDIS Provider In Melbourne

Who We Are

We are a reliable and registered NDIS provider in Australia.

A disability could be physically and mentally challenging and you may need constant support.

But unfortunately, you may not always find a truly helpful disability service provider.

That’s why we build our disability support center in Melbourne. Our center – Elevate Support Care is registered with NDIS and we follow all the NDIS disability guidelines.

Hence, NDIS participants who choose us are highly satisfied with our services.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide equal and versatile support services to all NDIS participants.

We know that your loved one could be sensitive and he/she could feel lonely. That’s why, all of our nurses and caregivers listen to your loved ones. We share their stories and our staff would never make them feel deprived. Our professional caregivers are helpful, friendly, and they do all the personal care jobs with a smile.
Hence, you can choose our disability services without any hesitation.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a comfortable, cozy, and home-like ambiance. We create personalized plans and we always help you to reach your goals. At Elevate Support Care we prepare and serve fresh and hot meals. We have a great community and you will find here many friends.

Our light, fun, and creative activities will help you to enhance your skills. Moreover, we have loads of entertainment waiting for you.
All of our caregivers are properly vetted. So, we care for your safety. In short, our purpose is to gift you a safe, independent, happy, convenient, and comfortable life.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide satisfying and consistent support to the disabled persons of Australia.

We want to help, we want to assist, and we want to make your loved one’s life better. Our disability support center follows integrity, discipline, and dedication. We are compassionate and we are ardently committed. Therefore, you will be elated after receiving our disability support services.

What our Support Staff say about us

Without our core support team, we would not have been able to provide our impressive services. We salute them, we appreciate their relentless dedication, and we say – KUDOS – to our team.

So, let them speak about us …

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