Let Us Provide A Care For You

According to the 2016 Australian Government Aged Care Roadmap, most people prefer to stay in their homes. Home care nursing makes this possible. As home care nursing service is an integral part of our role as an NDIS provider, we have carefully designed it to meet your personal and medical needs all the way.

Community Nurse Care is for participants who have complex personal support needs. These needs are usually best met by a professional who possesses medical training and experience.

When should you get a nurse for home?

This service is highly recommended when the participant has the following needs:

  • Limited communication
  • Behavioural support needs
  • Medical needs or assistance with procedures such as home enteral nutrition or ventilation

This service is particularly vital for those suffering from Dementia or has memory loss. They may also be unable to take responsibility for their own medications.

Does NDIS provide funding for community nurse services?

Yes! However, every NDIS plan looks a bit different. As such, it may be hard to know the exact amount of NDIS funding allotted for this type of service.

Here are some examples of how this will look like in your plan:

  • In ‘Core Supports’, there are items with funding for “assistance with daily living”, “residential aged care supplement”, or “residential aged care subsidy”.
  • In ‘Core Supports’, there may be a budget for assistance for daily support needs in a residential aged care facility.

Take note that these are ‘stated supports.’ This means that you can’t use the budget for a different type of support.

In-home nursing services offered by Elevate Support Care

Our home care nursing services provide the support you need while keeping you comfortable at home. The community nurses give a wonderful company and preserve your independence, may it be for 2 hours or 24 hours.

Our nurses can give low to high levels of care. They will be available to support you, be it round-the-clock or on an hourly basis.

At Elevate Support Care, we make sure that your experience with us will be as enjoyable as possible by doing the following:

  • Our personal aged care services team will choose an RN or EN whose skills perfectly match your needs.
  • We will collaborate with your chosen health practitioners, such as GP and other professionals involved in your care.
  • All the members of our Nurse for home team had been rigorously screened. We carefully check if they have sufficient qualifications to provide care to you or your loved ones.
  • We acknowledge that self-care tasks like personal hygiene and medical administration are private and sensitive matters. We always remind our team to help you feel relaxed and at ease as much as possible.

Talk to us about your home care nursing needs.

Our team in Elevate Support Care is happy to answer any of your questions on the NDIS. We will listen, identify your needs, and provide the best options for needed support. We cater to residents of Adelaide and Melbourne.

You can reach out to us from the comfort of your home. Feel free to call us on 1300 266 027 or send an email to support@elevatesupportcare.com.au.