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Make New Friends, Build New Skills, Live Your Life Ecstatically

What Is Social and Community Participation?

Social and community participation comes under the NDIS Capacity Building category. The primary purpose of this service is to build new skills through socialization.

By joining a great community, your loved one can enhance his/her skills. Even, he/she can make new friends and they can do light sports activities.

Apart from that, communication skills play an important role in your loved one’s life.

By participating in social groups, your family member may improve his/her communication skills.

Moreover, community participation is popular for its recreational activities.

A participant can enjoy different types of recreational activities to spend his/her time happily. That’s why many people choose NDIS social and community participation to keep their loved ones active, happy, and skilled.


You Can Ward Off Your Disabilities.

Why You Would Love Our Community

  • Lively Community: Full of People
  • Skill-Building Activities
  • Expert Assistance
  • Safe Environment
  • Personalized Plan
  • Experienced and Trained Caregiver
Happy family having fun time at home

How Elevate Support Care Offers A Wonderful Community Support in Melbourne?

Physically and mentally challenged persons stay in their homes and they don’t have proper opportunity for socialization.

Now, if your loved one continues to live an isolated and secluded life, then he/she may lose confidence.

Moreover, a person with a disability should also hone his skills to stay active and independent.

Elevate Support Care has built a fabulous social and community participation environment following the NDIS Capacity Building category.

Our community has expert caregivers. They are trained and skilled. That’s why your loved one will stay here completely safe.

The primary aim of our community is to help your loved one to learn new skills. We have useful activities at our center. As a result, a person with a disability will find our community extremely beneficial.

Our community focuses on your loved one’s happiness and recreation. Nobody likes a life full of boredom.

Hence, we can help your loved one to spend a happy time. Our caregivers can assist them and they can visit movies, libraries, or beautiful places.

Our creative activities, lively community, and recreational tours can help your loved one to boost his/her confidence. They will spend a great time and they will grow their social skills.

So, if you are looking for NDIS social and community participation in Melbourne, then our center would be the ideal one.


Yes, they may fund your social and recreational support. But, before adding this support to your plan, NDIS will have to decide- whether you need this support or not.


For example – if the social and recreational support is directly related to your disability and if it’s value for money, then NDIS may fund your social support plan.  

Usually, when NDIS approves your support plan, they add it to your core budget. NDIS can fund almost all kinds of social and recreational activities or supports.

But, they may not pay for the entrance fees, food, equipment, and membership fees.

So, you should acquaint yourself with the social support guidelines before adding the community service to your plan.

NDIS has two popular fund supports – 1) core support and 2) capacity building support.



Yes, Elevate Support Care is a reliable disability service provider in Melbourne. We are registered with NDIS and we know everything about social and community support plans. So, you can come to us and we will guide you to choose the best support plan.

Our Community Participation Services in Brief

  • Creative Activities
  • Recreational Activities
  • Fun Games
  • Skill Building Classes
  • Personal Development Classes
  • Going To Movie, Vacation, Library, Shows, Concerts, Camps, and More Places.
  • Communication Skill Enhancement
  • Helping To Complete Personal Tasks (eating, going to the bathroom, dressing, etc.)
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Elevate Support Care and Its Community Participation Services

Enhance Your Skills and Build New Skills

In our community, you will have new opportunities to enhance your skills. We have light activities that can help you to hone your skills.

Apart from that, if you want to build new skills, then you will find our community equally helpful.

Our social community and activities will help you to reach your goals. Therefore, our community is worth participating.

Join Our Happy Community

We have a community with many happy faces. As a result, you will find here many new friends.

You will laugh with your new friends and you will complete many activities collaborating with them.

Hence, our happy and lively community is a perfect place to enhance your social skills.

Stay with Our Trained Attendants

All of our attendants and caregivers are highly trained. They know- when to support you and how to support you.

They will help you to go to the bathroom and to reach your house. Moreover, they will always monitor your activities. Even, you will get proper support from them in times of emergency.

Therefore, our trained caregivers and attendants make our community a supremely safe place for you.

New Skills, New Friends, New Life

From building new skills to making new friends: our community is just a great place.

We will spend your vacation with you and we will smile with you. Our creative and fun activities will win your heart and you will fall in love with us.

Our community is just an extended family for you. Hence, once you visit our place, it would be hard for you to forget all these people.

So, come to us and enjoy a time that you always wanted to spend.



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