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Different Types of Housing Support Offered By NDIS

Who Is NDIS and Why Does NDIS Offer Housing Support?

NDIS is an official department of the Australian government.

The full form of NDIS is National Disability Insurance Scheme and it was established by National Disability Insurance Agency or NDIA.

The function of this department is to help disabled persons in Australia.

NDIS clears funds to help these people. AnNDIS Provider assists disabled persons in various ways. The funds cleared by NDIS are spend through an NDIS provider.

 Types of Housing Support Offered By NDIS

  • Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living or SIL is offered to those who fail to perform their daily tasks.

The sole purpose of this support is to assist a disabled person to complete his/her daily tasks.

But NDIS also allows funding to improve the skills of a physically or mentally challenged person.

Apart from that a disabled person can also get assistance with transportation.

Your loved one may stay at his/her own house. They can also live in shared accommodation. However, the severity of your loved one’s disabilities will be assessed first. Then, NDIS would allow funding for the individual.

So, it’s an accommodation support plan based on the requirements. A person can get 24-hour assistance under this support.

  • Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation is also called respite. A disabled person can receive 28 days of support every year under this support.

But your loved one can take 14 days of STA at one time. This doesn’t mean you would get two 14-day breaks every year.

You can break these 28 days into many small breaks.

While enjoying STA, you would get meals, good accommodation, daily support, and skill-development opportunities.

Usually, this support plan is approved when your caregiver is on leave or you want to take a break.

So, it’s not long term accommodation support.

  • Medium Term Accommodation

Medium Term Accommodation is for those who are waiting for their permanent living places.

A disabled person’s house could be under renovation. In that case, NDIS allows 90-day accommodation support.

This support is called – Medium Term Accommodation.

It’s a one-time support. Moreover, a disabled person gets nothing but accommodation support under this plan.

So, meals and other services are not funded by NDIS. The disabled person would have to buy those services privately.

Hence, it’s just accommodation support for 90 days (or more in some cases).

  • Specialist Disability Accommodation

This Support Plan from NDIS is only for those who have extremely high disabilities.

The support plan provides accommodation for a disabled individual. The person can share his/her accommodation with others or the person can live separately.

NDIS funds the building maintenance and management services. So, a person with a disability may not have to construct his/her living place.

But under SDA, your loved one may have to pay the rent of the building. Apart from that, the person may have to pay for other support services.

Therefore, SDA could be a good accommodation plan under NDIS.

Who Can Help You To Choose An NDIS Plan?

An NDIA planner or a childhood partner can help you to create your NDIS plan.

You can discuss with him the current supports you need and your goals.

Based on all your needs, NDIS will either approve or reject your plan.

If your plan is not approved, then you can apply for revisions. However, if your plan gets approved, then you can use your plan.

You need to understand the budget that comes with your plan. Use the budget wisely and enjoy an independent life.

Sometimes you may not like your plan. In that case, you can change your plan.

What Kinds of Accommodation Supports Are Offered By Elevate Support Care?

At Elevate Support Care we offer three types of accommodation support –

  • Short Term Accommodation Or Respite
  • Medium Term Accommodation
  • Supported Independent Living

We have skilled caregivers, a peaceful environment, comfortable accommodations, and a big community.

We are a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne and our services will never fail to satisfy you.

Our vetted caregivers provide kind and friendly services. Furthermore, our community is full of happy souls. Hence, your loved one would spend lots of joyful moments in our center.

If you are looking for a reliable NDIS provider in Melbourne, then you should not forget our name.

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