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Everything You Want to Know about STA, MTA, and SIL Funding

NDIS in Australia clears Government funds to improve the lives of physically and mentally challenged persons.

Now, NDIS has different accommodation plans. But the funding criteria of these plans are not the same.

STA, MTA, and SIL are the three most popular accommodation plans under NDIS. A person can choose either of these plans for accommodation needs.

But before including the plan, you should know the funding criteria.

STA or Short Term Accommodation Funding Criteria NDIS

This accommodation support plan is for 28 days (yearly). Hence, it’s called short term accommodation.

NDIS allows only 14 days of accommodation at one time. This means you will only get 14 days of funding under STA. (at one time)

You can break these 28 days into weekly or monthly respite plans.

However, NDIS will fund you not only for accommodation.

You will get funds for –

  • Personal Care
  • Meals
  • Activities

The funding for STA is released as a group price. Therefore, you can share the funding with other NDIS participants under STA.

But some people face extreme disabilities. In that case, they may need individual support.

Not all kinds of individual supports are funded by NDIS. Hence, you may have to use funds from your core budget for STA individual supports.

STA is also known as Respite Care. If you need support, beyond your NDIS funding criteria, then you may have to pay the prices.

STA or Short Term Accommodation has daily budget limits. So, you should know those limits before choosing a good NDIS provider.

MTA or Medium Term Accommodation Funding Criteria NDIS

Medium Term Accommodation or MTA is supported only for 90 days.

NDIS can only allow a fund for accommodation. But if you want support or meals, then you may have to pay yourself.

In reality, MTA is for those who have a permanent residential place.

That’s why NDIS doesn’t allow funding only for accommodation.

NDIS has daily limits for MTA accommodation. If a person chooses an accommodation that charges more than the daily limits, then the person has to pay the extra price from his/her pocket.

MTA is strictly for disabled people who have temporary accommodation requirement.

In some cases,NDIS may allow more than 90 days of funding for accommodation. But you have to submit proper evidence for the funding of this extra accommodation.

 SIL or Supported Independent Living Funding Criteria NDIS

SIL support plan depends on individual requirements. An NDIS provider can’t create a general model for providing SIL or Supported Independent Living.

First of all, NDIS assesses the amount of support an NDIS participant requires. Based on this assessment, a funding criterion is created.

A disabled person may require support 7 days a week. Therefore. NDIS will discuss the monthly, weekly, and annual funding value with the NDIS provider.

Under SIL a disabled person can get funding for cooking, daily assistance, transportation, cleaning, and social activities.

There are three types of support levels.


Under this support, a person with a disability won’t get 24-hour support. It’s only for monitoring and living assistance.

Standard –

A disabled person would get all kinds of support under this plan. The person would get 24-hour support.

High –

If a disabled person needs overnight support, then they should get high SIL support. The support promotes positive behavior and careful assistance.

Based on the type of support, NDIS clears its funds. So, there is no pre-defined budget for a SIL support plan.

How Elevate Support Care Can Provide the Best Accommodation Support Plan?

There are many disability care services in Melbourne, Australia. But you may not receive great accommodation under your NDIS funding.

An NDIS provider may not always give you the best rooms and the best meals.

Our center Elevate Support Care has got trained support workers and we have comfortable accommodations.

We understand the value of your NDIS funding. We will offer you a happy community and multiple activities. Hence, you will find our accommodation services highly satisfying.

We have Supported Independent Living, Short Term Accommodation, and Medium Term Accommodation. We are registered with NDIS and we will provide the best value for your NDIS funding.

Elevate Support Care is known for its affectionate and kind support services. Hence, our services would support your loved one perfectly.

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