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What Is Household Task Service?

Household task service means taking professional help to complete daily tasks.

NDIS participants find it challenging to complete all of their daily tasks. They may want to live a clean, hygienic, and organized life. But they may not do it alone.

Hence, they need professional help. A trained household support team can assist in completing daily household chores and errands.

In this way, your loved one will be living a clean, happy and independent life. He/she can take care of her room and life without calling for help.

Elevate Support Care has an efficient household task service team. So, contact us if you need highly professional NDIS household support in Melbourne.


Is A Safe Provider

Why Our Daily Task Support Team Is The Best

  • Trained and Experienced Team
  • Friendly, Kind, and Compassionate
  • Extremely Obedient and Highly Professional
  • Helps to Optimize Certain Skills
  • Vetted, Background Checked, and Reliable
  • Understands Your Loved Ones and Their Need
  • Keeps Your House Clean, organized, and Hygienic
Woman's hand dusting a piece of furniture with a cloth and spray cleaner.
Modern woman cleaning apartment

Why Elevate Support Care and Its Household Task Support Team Are Excellent?

It’s needless to say that a person with a disability often fails to complete his/her daily tasks. Naturally, your loved one calls for help and you have to answer it every time.

Now imagine if there would be somebody who could do all the household chores and you wouldn’t have to worry about your loved one.

At Elevate Support Care – we try to resolve all your household needs by supporting your loved ones.

We know that it is challenging for your loved one to keep your house properly organized. Hence, we have a team that can clean your house meticulously and they can maintain a hygienic atmosphere in your house. 

Our friendly team will provide the utmost support to your family member. Our team is highly trained and they can keep your house completely organized.

All kinds of NDIS household task assistance will be provided through our team. We offer the best NDIS household services in Melbourne. So, contact us and experience sincere household services in Melbourne.


Elevate Support Care offers toilet cleaning, laundry, floor mopping, dishwashing, transport, daily assistance, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.

Yes, NDIS will allocate your household support plan fund. You have to explain to them your daily needs. Then you add it to your – funded categories.

You should remember that every individual has unique needs. So, your NDIS plan and Funded Supports will be based on your needs.

To avail NDIS core budget support fund, you have to go to – the ‘Assistance With Daily Life’ section. Then, you can choose your services. You can also talk to your support coordinator and you can discuss your needs. Then, the LAC will help you to add a ‘daily support plan’ to your NDIS plan.

Our Household Services In Brief

  • Meal Planning. Meal Preparation, and Meal Serving
  • Floor Cleaning and Mopping
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Grooming and Dressing Support
  • Medication Reminder
  • Fall Reduction and Keeping Your Loved One Safe
  • Helps To Collaborate With Speech therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists
  • Daily Errands
  • Light Household Tasks
  • Help In Transportation
  • Encourage To Take Part in Social Activity and Community Participation
Asian cleaning service woman worker cleaning in living room at home.

Elevate Support Care and Its Household Services

At Elevate Support Care we offer non-medical household support. Physically and mentally challenged persons may not be able to do their daily tasks properly. In that case, they need daily assistance.

Our trained and experienced team can do all kinds of daily household tasks. They can help your loved one to complete every task.

To live a happy and independent life, your loved one needs the right assistance. Hence, we have built a remarkably efficient team.

With our team, you just don’t need to worry about your near and dear ones. Elevate Support Care is the best NDIS household service provider in Melbourne. So, contact us and help your loved one to live an independent life.


What They Say About US


    Participant's Daughter

    Elevate Support was very professional and caring. Thank you for such as outstanding work for the care provider to my Dad and helping him with daily household activities. I highly recommend them to anyone looking a reliable and very cost effective

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