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Medium Term Accommodation

What Is Medium Term Accommodation or MTA Support?

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation is one kind of temporary housing support. NDIS funds this support for 90 days or 3 months.

Sometimes, your house may be under renovation or you may be waiting for SDA or Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Naturally, you may have nowhere to live. At that time, NDIS providers can help you to find suitable accommodation for you.

Many NDIS participants who don’t have disability support ready after leaving the hospitals, can also apply for MTA support.

Elevate Support Care offers helpful and comfortable MTA services in Melbourne. So, come to us and enjoy your temporary accommodation.


Is The Best Accommodation

Top Features Of Our MTA Services

  • Outstanding Accommodation Services
  • Comfortable and Peaceful Living Places
  • Affordable Services
  • Trained Caregivers (Paid)
  • 24-Hour Personal Care Support (Paid)
  • Personalized Plan
Mother loving her disabled child

Why Does Elevate Support Care Provides The Best Medium Term Support In Melbourne?

Serious disabilities can make you helpless. But, without your home, you may lose your confidence and hope.

With Elevate Support Care you don’t have to worry about your accommodation. We provide excellent Medium-Term Accommodation and we follow all the NDIS MTA guidelines.

As a result, our MTA services can really help you to spend your time safely.

We have trained and experienced caregivers. Moreover, we can assist you to reach your goals.

Our personalized care plans are unique and you will face no difficulties while having our MTA support.

So, if you want to enjoy a safe, comfortable, and caring Medium Term Accommodation plan, then you should contact Elevate Support Care MTA services in Melbourne.


Yes, NDIS will fund your MTA support. But, NDIS funds only for accommodation.

If you want meals or personal care services, then NDIS won’t fund you. You have to pay for your care plans and meals.

To add MTA support to your plan, you need to submit several reports.

First of all, you have to show that you need accommodation support and it’s for your temporary purpose.

Secondly, your accommodation support should be directly related to your disability.

Thirdly, your daily support needs should also be explained.

These reports will help you to add MTA to your plan.

To be eligible for NDIS medium term support, you must have a home (long term).

You should also show that your current home is not suitable for living or it’s under renovation.

Your disability supports are yet to be ready. So, you can’t move into your home (long term).


NDIS will fund your MTA support for 90 days or three weeks. It’s a temporary accommodation service.

Why NDIS Participants Rely On Our MTA Services

  • Outstanding Accommodation
  • Comfortable, Safe, and Peaceful Environment
  • Personalized Care Plans
  • Hot, Fresh, and Nutritious Meals
  • Trained and Experienced Caregivers
  • Lively Community
  • Entertainment
  • Skill-Enhancing Activities
  • Travel Assistants
  • Affordable Services
Woman on a wheelchair

Elevate Support Care and Our Medium Term Support Services

After leaving your hospital, you may be looking for accommodation. Your house may go through renovations or you may be waiting for your SDA plan.

But, without the right accommodation – how can you take care of your loved one?

At Elevate Support Care, we have comfortable and peaceful accommodation. We have designed our rooms with an emotional touch. Hence, our living place feels like a home.

Furthermore, our caregivers are friendly and they will prepare hot meals for you. We will assist you every moment.

We have a great community where you will find many new friends. You can practice light activities and you can also enhance your skills.

In this way, Elevate Support Care will gift you comfortable, happy, and safe accommodation support in Melbourne.  

We are an NDIS registered provider. So, you can trust our services.


What They Say About US


    Participant's Daughter

    Elevate Support was very professional and caring. Thank you for such as outstanding work for the care provider to my Dad and helping him with daily household activities. I highly recommend them to anyone looking a reliable and very cost effective

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