Our Team

We have a highly qualified support work team in elevate support care. They love what they do and they are here to give you the best support you deserve. We understand one support worker does not fit to everyone’s needs. We like to give our participants the dream support worker they always wanted. Someone they can connect with and share a laugh with. Not just someone who works for you someone who can become a friend for you. All of our support workers are highly qualified and trained to maintain a quality relationship with the participants and give them the best support they deserve.

Customer Value and Communication

We value our customers. We are always here to give the customer a better service. We always listen to client’s ideas and we are happy to grow together while providing the best service for your money. We always look for the 100% satisfaction of our participants. We want our participants to let us know what they expect or need. We always welcome your ideas. We always listen to our participants so we can cater them in a better way to all their needs. Not just as a support service provider, as a carer who is always looking after your needs and quality of your life.

Tailored Packages

We don’t just provide a support worker for you. We provide a service that is tailored to you so you can get the best value out of your NDIS plan. We provide support service you require for all your needs. A Support worker who can understand your needs and cater to those need just as you need them, So you can enjoy your life to the fullest. We customize packages for each participant looking at their needs, requirements and funding so you can make the most out of your NDIS plan. Its not about the money you spend, Its about the smile that we put on your face.