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What is Personal Care Service?

Control Your Life Completely and Live Independently

Personal care services allow an NDIS participant to live a comfortable and independent life at home.

Personal care services mean non-medical help that can keep your loved one clean and organized.

Properly trained caregivers can support your loved one and it will boost your near and dear one’s confidence.

Everybody wants to spend an independent life and adding personal care service to your NDIS plan, will give them a chance to enjoy complete freedom.

Elevate Support Care offers professionally trained personal care services in Melbourne. So, contact us and your loved ones will live a smart and confident life with a big smile on their face.


Choose Disability Support Services.

Why Should You Trust Elevate Support Care Personal Care Services?

  • Completely Trained and Certified
  • Compassionate, Kind, and Friendly
  • Provide Consistent Support
  • Vetted, Verified, and Background Checked
  • Professional Attitude
  • 24-Hour Support with Personalized Caring

Personal care services are crucial for your helpless loved ones. But, at the same time, only a patient, kind, and caring person can truly understand your loved one.

Elevate Support Care encourages A-grade personal care support. Our caregivers are passionate about helping those people who face physical and mental challenges.

All of our personal caregivers are compassionate and they go the extra mile to assist your loved ones. Personal care is all about maintaining a hygienic atmosphere and supporting a person consistently.

Our disability support care centre in Melbourne is full of professionally trained caregivers. Therefore, you can rely on our personal care services.

Nurse assisting disabled patient with physical exercises for recovery

Our Personal Care Services Include

  • Showering, Dressing, and Oral Hygiene
  • Bathing, Toileting, and Skin Cleaning
  • Assist In Feeding and Drinking
  • Helping To Move Within Your House (going to the bathroom or getting in or off the bed)
  • Helping To Use Devices (hearing aids, communication devices, appliances etc.)
  • First Aid Help
  • Emergency Help
  • Support While Attending an Appointment


Yes, you can. Your Support Coordinator or NDIS planner can help you to have this service in your plan.

Yes, we are a registered NDIS provider and you can get all kinds of NDIS disability support services through us.

If you are looking for reliable disability services in Melbourne, then we are always ready to serve you.

Assistance With Daily Living – could be a part of your plan. You should ask your Support Coordinator to add it to your plan.

Once you come under the NDIS plan, you can use your core budget the way you want. If you need in-home support, then you can discuss your needs with your Local Area Coordinators. Thus, you can add ADL to your NDIS plan.


Yes, NDIS can fund your personal care plan. But, before adding it to your NDIS plan, you should let your Support Coordinator know about the services that you need.
You may want only some hours of assistance or you may want 24-hour support. Thus, you should have your ADL plan exactly the way you want.


How Our Personal Care Services Would Help Your Loved Ones?

  • To Live A Happy and Independent Life
  • To Move Safely
  • To Enjoy Life Without Any Fear
  • To Improve Social Skills
  • To Find A Friendly Support
  • To Have Somebody Who Actually Cares
Cheerful man enjoying communication with woman with disability

Elevate Support Care Personal Care Services

Elevate Support Care understands – how sensitive and how important personal care services are. That’s why we offer experienced, skilled, and expert in-home caregiving services.

Our caregivers would be ready to assist your loved ones every moment.

Studies show that disabled people want to spend more time in their homes. To make your loved ones happy, we strive to bring the best-class in-home support.

Our caregivers don’t limit their services to only daily support. But they would talk with you and they would share your stories. Thus, you would be truly happy to spend your time with them.

Our professional and friendly health caregivers would be with you from 2 to 24 hours. Furthermore, our personalized approach and compassionate care would surely win your loved one’s heart. They would feel independent and they would live a happy life confidently.



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