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Disabled woman in wheelchair with assistant in park

A Break That Feels Like A Break


Are you looking for a safe and relaxing respite care center in Melbourne, Australia?

It’s not so easy to take a break leaving your loved ones alone. You may hesitate and you may look for a place that can take care of your loved ones just as you do at your home.

Elevate Support Care has been a great respite care center for mentally and physically challenged persons. We understand all your doubts and hesitations. That’s why we have built our center with a relaxing and safe environment.

Our center is NDIS funded and we offer a completely professional respite care services. Our center has healthcare professionals and properly trained support workers.




Full of Fun, and Not Boring

Our Center Offers

  • Comfortable
  • Relaxing
  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Enjoyable
  • Supportive
  • And homelike environment

So, you can call it a second home for your loved ones. Our support workers are helpful and they will assist you all the time.

Therefore, our respite care center will never make you feel away from home. Just visit our center once and you would know that your loved ones would be at the right place.

Disabled child on wheelchair and parent at the beach.
A teenager girl with disabled grandmother in wheelchair outdoors on the street in winter.

Relaxing Environment

At Elevate Support Care we understand the significance of your break. That’s why we have a relaxing environment and we can keep your mood always happy.

Children and adults would find our place truly safe and they would find hundreds of reasons to be happy. In short, at our care center your loved ones will enjoy their short break with full satisfaction

Professional Support Workers

Our support workers are caring, friendly, and truly active. They are professionally trained and they would take care of you completely. So, you would be in safe hands.

A Happy Community Full of New Friends

We have a community full of people. Here you would meet new friends and you would laugh with them.

Our community and its activities can help you to enhance your social skills and you would never feel alone. So, no more boring home atmosphere.

Moreover, you can also develop new skills at our center. So, join our community and let us rejuvenate your mind with all our fun activities.


Sometimes, your loved ones may want to step outside their homes. Their caregivers may go on a vacation or they may have nobody to take care of. In that case, they may seek a short break from their routine life.

Respite or short-term accommodation is available for children and adults.

Yes, NDIS can fund your short-term accommodation including respite.

Usually, NDIS allows 28 days of STA in a year. But they won’t fund more than 14 days at a time. So, you can have it on weekends or every month.

You should ask your in-home caregiver or nurse to write a statement. Even, you can also ask your doctor to write in favor of a break or STA. These testimonials would help you to have a respite plan funded by NDIS.

Before choosing your respite plan, you should search for a good respite care center. Because, not all centers can provide you with proper activities and caring.

Elevate Support Care has a great community and a safe environment. So, your loved ones will surely enjoy their breaks at our centre.

Excellent Amenities

Our food, accommodation, and personal care would never make you feel away from home.

We serve fresh and nutritious meals. Our accommodation comes with all kinds of assistance you need. Furthermore, during your stay you would enjoy all kinds of support (transport, social participation, personal care etc.) from us. Hence, at Elevate Support Care, you would spend an unforgettable break that would make you feel relaxed, elated, and lively.

Elevate Support Care - Respite Plan and Services

We have great caregivers and all of our caregivers are professionally trained. Hence, Elevate Support Care would take care of your physical and mental well-being in a perfect way.

We guarantee you – great accommodation, excellent food, a lively environment full of activities, and expert caregivers. Therefore, our Respite plan is 100% value for money. So, choose us and enjoy your break.

Our Services At A Glance

  • Excellent Accommodation
  • Hot, Fresh, and Healthy Meals
  • Peaceful Ambience
  • Relaxing Atmosphere
  • A Lively Community
  • Skill Enhancing Activities
  • Games and Entertainments
  • Trained and Friendly Caregiver


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    Thank you 🙏🏻.. It means SO much to me to have support and a safe place to have a nice event… I actually ENJOYED TODAY… and it felt GOOD to help clean up... and now I will go and keep the ball rolling… by living with my children and mother and keeping everyone laughing and calm… God bless.

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