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STA, MTA, and SIL Eligibility

How Your STA, MTA, and SIL Support Might Get Approved?

Tip One

NDIS will only add accommodation support to your plan when your disability will be directly related to it.

So, you must not apply for these plans without the proper official report on your disability.

Tip Two

For SIL you need to assess the level of your daily support.

This means if you don’t need overnight or 24-hour disability support, then you may not get SIL in your plan.

Tip Three

For MTA support, you must have a permanent or long term home.

If you are looking for a long term housing support, then MTA is not for you.

STA, MTA, and SIL Eligibility

Short Term Accommodation, Medium Term Accommodation, and Supported Independent Living have some eligibility criteria. You can read the below discussion to know – how to add NDIS accommodation support to your plan.

How To Become Eligible For STA

  • STA or Short Term Accommodation should be related to your disability. This is not a holiday plan.
  • NDIS will fund you when you have nobody to take care of you.
  • STA also notices if STA could enhance your functional capacity.
  • A disabled person’s independence is important. So, NDIS also takes into consideration your loved one’s independence.
  • It’s one of the goals of NDIS STA support to give you more space for activity. So, STA support motivates a person to perform more activities.
  • STA is not for those who are searching for long term houses.
  • STA is allowed only for 28 days in a year and you can enjoy 14-days of maximum STA at a time.

How To Become Eligible For MTA

  • MTA or Medium Term Support is one kind of accommodation support for those who have long term accommodation. So, you won’t be eligible for MTA if you don’t have a long term housing support.
  • You have to show that your house is under renovation and you won’t need MTA support for more than 90 days.
  • If you are living in a rental property, then you have to show the tenancy agreement.
  • You may be waiting for the SDA or Specialist Disability Accommodation. In that case, you have to submit evidence that you are going to have SDA support.
  • Some disabled persons need health support. The person may be waiting for such support to be installed in his/her home. In that case, the disabled person has to show proper documents of his/her support.
  • You have to assure that you will move to your long term residence after 90 days.

When Will NDIS Fund Your SIL Support?


  • Your health report plays a crucial role when applying for the SIL or supported independent living. Because NDIS will assess your health report closely before allowing any fund to your SIL support.
  • NDIS will look into your support and your current living place
  • Your goals and expectations from SIL also matter. SIL would enable you to have 24-hour care. Hence, NDIS observes every detail before you pass the SIL eligibility criteria.
  • Your health reports must be from a qualified and licensed health professional.
  • The kind of support you need daily will be observed by NDIS. You may need a better living place or you may not need 24-hour support. That’s why NDIS would assess your condition.
  • NDIS may fund you to assess your health condition from a registered and licensed health care professional.
  • You should remember SIL support depends on your daily support needs and your health report.

How Elevate Support Care Can Help You To Choose Your Accommodation Plan

You may have tons of questions regarding SIL, MTA, and STA supports.

You may want to know – which NDIS support suits you or you may want to know – how to add STA or SIL to your plan.

Elevate Support Care is registered with NDIS and we know everything about NDIS guidelines. So, you can contact us and you can ask us any questions.

We can provide you with the best class NDIS accommodation support in Melbourne.

We have skilled carers, comfortable accommodations, and excellent personal care plans.

Our caregivers can support you overnight and they are ready to assist you always. Your loved one will receive compassionate, kind, and consistent care from us.

Our respite services can relax your dear one and he/she would find plenty of activities to build his/her skills.

So, visit our site and ask us any questions regarding NDIS accommodation support.

Our site – www.elevatesupportcare.com.au


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