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Enjoy A Serene and Peaceful Break

STA (Short Term Accommodation)

What Is Short Term Accommodation?

Short Term Accommodation means staying away from your home and it’s often chosen to have a break.

NDIS STA guidelines state that a person can stay out of a home if he/she wants to take a break from his/her routine life.

Now, the purpose of this break is primarily to enjoy a relaxing time. But, your loved ones can enhance their social skills, communication skills, and they can also learn new skills, during this short break.

Short Term Accommodation is called Respite care. Because you can avail it when your caregiver halts his/her support.

Elevate Support Care promises A-grade short term accommodation services in Melbourne. So, contact us and spend a relaxed time.


At Our Respite Care Centre.

The Best Features Our Short Term Accommodation Services

  • Relaxing and Peaceful Environment
  • Safe and Secure Ambiance
  • Trained Caregivers
  • Top-Class Accommodation
  • Personalized Care Plans
  • A Happy and Lively Community
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Why Elevate Support Care’s STA Services In Melbourne Are Reliable?

Short Term Accommodation means spending relaxing time away from your home.

But, not all STA service providers understand the value of your STA. They just provide you with good meals and a room.

However, Elevate Support Care knows that you want to spend a great time with many friends. You want to laugh and you want to learn something new. In short, you need a break that feels like a true break.

Therefore, we have designed a perfect STA or respite place for you.

We have entertainment, we have a lively community, and we have everything that makes you feel good.

Short Term Accommodation should never bore you and you should remember your short break.

At Elevate Support Care, you will learn new skills and you will be spending a great time. Our caregivers will take care of you and you just don’t have to worry about your personal care or meals.

Thus, Elevate Support Care STA or NDIS respite plan will be a memorable break that you would like to enjoy again and again.


NDIS funds 28 days of STA support. But you can’t claim 28 days long STA. As according to NDIS STA guidelines, you can have one time 14 days of STA or respite care.

Now, you can also take your STA on weekends or occasionally.

First of all, you will find STA under ‘Assistance With Daily Living’ (NDIS Core Support)

To add this support to your plan, you have to review your plan. But, before the review meeting, you should have legitimate proof.

If a health care professional assesses your physical condition and if the professional gives you a report on your disability, then it would be easier for you to add STA or respite support to your plan.

You may find many STA providers in Australia. But, you should never hire a non-registered NDIS provider.

If you want to utilize your NDIS fund properly, then you should always go to a registered NDIS provider in Australia.

Elevate Support Care is registered with NDIS and we follow all the NDIS STA guidelines. Hence, you will get fabulous STA services from us. So, contact us and discuss your STA plan with us.

Why People Love Our Short-Term Accommodation Services In Melbourne

  • Outstanding Accommodation
  • Peaceful, Calm, and Relaxing Atmosphere
  • 24-Hour Personal Care Support
  • Hot, Nutritious, and Fresh Meal
  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Several Types Of Entertainment
  • Fun and Skill Building Activities
  • Trained and Experienced Caregivers
  • Friendly and Compassionate Caring
Disabled person in a wheelchair listening to music with headphones, enjoying and smiling

Elevate Support Care and Our A-Grade STA Services

At Elevate Support Care, we earnestly try to make your break a relaxing one. Our centre is a peaceful place and you will find here brilliant services.

Your caregiver may take a break or you may want to enjoy some days away from your home. Whatever be the reason, we are ready to welcome you to our centre.

Hot meals, professional caregivers, fun activities, and a big community will make your break extremely relaxing.

We will guide you, educate you, entertain you, and support you. In short, we will make sure that you have reached the right place while spending your respite time.

Just visit Elevate Support Care center once and you will find countless reasons to spend your break with us. So, don’t forget to contact us.



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