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Support Worker Is On Leave! What Would you do?

Your loved one may need daily assistance. A carer or support worker can help your loved one to complete all his/her daily tasks.

But sometimes your carer may take a break or the person may become ill. In that case, it might be challenging for you to take care of a disabled person at your home.

So, what would you do?

You can join an NDIS respite plan. Respite is also called Short Term Accommodation.

NDIS releases funds to help disabled persons in many ways. NDIS is a government department and they have various types of accommodation plans in Australia.

How Respite Can Help Your Loved One?

Respite means a relaxing break. NDIS allows 28 days of respite every year for each NDIS participant.

You can take 14 days of a break at one time. So, if you take a 14-day break then, you can enjoy two 14-day breaks in a year.

But you can use these 28 days to enjoy weekly or monthly breaks.

For example – you can take a 2-day break every month. In this way, you can enjoy 12 breaks every year.

Your carer may want to take a break and your loved one may also get bored in his/her routine life. Hence, respite would be a perfect way to make your loved one happy.

What Can You Expect from Respite?

  • Relaxation

A disabled person spends 90% of his/her time indoors. As a result, your loved one may not have a cheerful mood always.

Everyone needs a break. Monotonous routine life can create depressive thoughts in your loved one’s mind.

Respite is all about relaxing in a new and peaceful environment. There will be fun games and entertainment.

Therefore, your loved one’s mood will be full of positivity. Thus, your dear one would enjoy a respite.

  • Accommodation

A home is a nice place. But respite or STA offers a home-like environment with enriched facilities.

Your loved one would like to spend some time away from his/her home. Hence, a respite or a short break would be a great gift for your dear one.

A cozy, comfortable, and peaceful accommodation would fill your loved one’s mind with fresh energy.

  • New Friends

The best part of respite is the community. A good community with full of friends would bring a big smile on your loved one’s face.

Many disabled people join a community. As a result, your loved one would find a new world full of people who are also facing disabilities.

These friends would talk and laugh with your loved one. Thus your loved one would become confident and cheerful.

  • Short Getaways

During the respite, your loved one can go for short tours. There will be support workers to assist your dear one.

Your loved one can visit beaches or some relaxing places. The tours can lift the mood of your loved ones and they would look at life in a new way. So, respite means no boring days.

  • Activities and Skills

Short Term Accommodation introduces new activities and skills to a disabled person.

Respite centers have different types of games and activities. So, your loved one would get ample opportunities to build new skills.

Moreover, they can also learn many skills from the community. Thus, respite can improve the overall lifestyle of a disabled person.

Where To Find The Best Respite Care In Melbourne, Australia?

Elevate Support Care provides A-grade respite care in Melbourne.

We offer excellent accommodation and a community that you can hardly forget.

Hot meals, daily assistance, short tours, entertainment, and more features make our center a perfect place to spend your respite days.

Our respite services are full of fun and it’s completely safe. That’s our promise.

We have a comfortable accommodation in a peaceful place. You can relax and you would find a lot of ways to entertain yourself.

Our trained carers will always be with you. Apart from that we offer nutritious meals and satisfying personal care plans. That’s why you would love Elevate Support Care’s disability services in Melbourne.

If you are looking for a cozy and relaxing respite centre in Melbourne, then you should contact us. We are registered with NDIS. So, you will get brilliant services from us.

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