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Travel Safely & Move Independently

What is Travel Assistance Service?

Travel assistance is one kind of professional help that enables your loved one (NDIS participant) to move anywhere safely.

A person with a disability often faces serious challenges when going outside. If he/she has an extreme disability, then your loved one may not even be able to use the public rides.

A travel assistant stays with your family member and the assistant helps an NDIS participant to move independently.

Moreover, the assistant can also guide and educate a disabled person about using the rides. Thus, a travel assistant plays the dual role - a true travel companion and a caregiver.


Driving yourself

We appreciate that travelling is often more enjoyable with a friend or family member which is why our transportation team and your caregiver are readily available to you at all hours of the day, all seasons and every holiday so you never have to go anywhere alone.

Why Elevate Support Care Disability Travel Assistance in Melbourne Is Reliable?

  • Trained and Experienced Caregivers
  • On-Time Services
  • Friendly and Professional Caregivers
  • 24-Hour Service
  • Vetted and Background Checked Travel Assistants
  • Expert Guidance
Disabled woman in wheelchair using mobile phone

Travel Independently

Traveling with a disability could be challenging. You may have to attend a meeting or you have to visit a friend. In that case, reaching there on time becomes the highest priority.

Your family members may not always have time or you may live alone. Hence, you need someone who can assist you whenever you go out.

Elevate Support Care is a registered NDIS provider. Our travel assistance services in Melbourne can help you to go anywhere independently. You will have somebody to assist you and you will reach your destinations always on time.

Enjoy Short Breaks with Full Freedom

During a vacation or while enjoying a break, you need somebody with you. A good travel assistant means you have a good friend. Our travel assistant will listen to you and he will treat you like a family member. Thus, with our travel assistant, you will enjoy your breaks like never before.

Move Safely

Our travel assistants are not only going to help you with transportation. But, they will do everything to keep you safe. They will guide you and they will teach you traveling skills.

If you are going to ride taxis or buses, then you need to grasp new skills. Our caregivers will educate you and they will tell you all the tricks and tips to ride public transport.



Yes, NDIS will fund your travel assistant service. But, not all kinds of disabled persons are eligible. Only if you can’t ride on public transport, then NDIS will fund your travel assistance service.

Yes, there are three levels of NDIS travel funding.

Level one is for people who don’t study or work.

Level two is for those who attend social activities, recreational activities, study programs and workplaces.

The last level (level -3) is for those people who have an extreme disability and they lack the ability to use public transportation.

You can also get higher funding if you meet exceptional circumstances.

Yes, Elevate Support Care has trained caregivers and they will assist you when traveling. We are an NDIS service provider in Melbourne and we are ready to assist you whenever you need transportation services.

Our Disability Transportation Services In Brief

  • Educating – How To Use Transport
  • Assisting When Getting In and Out of A Vehicle
  • Staying With Your Loved One As A Traveling Companion
  • Assisting When Attending A Doctor
  • Helping To Visit Library, Grocery Store, Friend’s House, Meetings, Parties, Clubs, and communities.
  • Helping To Spend A Good and Relaxing Time
  • 24-Hour Service

Elevate Support Care and Its Remarkable Travel Assistance Services

There are many NDIS registered travel assistance services in the Melbourne area. But, unfortunately, not all of them would treat your loved one like a family member.

Elevate Support Care understands – how sensitive your loved one can be. We know that safety during travel is the top priority. That’s why all of our caregivers are experienced and properly skilled.

They will reach on time and they will drive you to your destination. Even, they will help you to take your doctor’s notes while sitting right beside you.

You will find a great companion and a good guide along with our caregivers.

We are ready to assist you for – 365 days. We can pick you up from your home and we can drop you off at the right destination. Thus, you will live a happy, independent, normal, and safe life.

So, if you are looking for an excellent disability travel assistant in Melbourne, then you should reach us.



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